Why You Should Worry About Termites

Nobody desires that his or her belongings should get destroyed or rather pray that infestation of pests should keep wasting the limited resources the person has. It is a factual issue that Termites (ปลวก) use to cause damage of about billions of dollars every year. Their primary food is wood, but they also feed on damaged papers, insulations, books, infiltration systems as well as swimming pools liner. Based on their activities, they usually injure most living trees as well as shrubs, but they are often secondary invader of those woody plants already declining.

ปลวก (termites) or lizards (จิ้งจก)are of important priority when it comes to buying and selling a home or structure, in as much the termite’s inspection or infestation report is considered as a paramount condition of sale; most especially if the buildings have been infested one time or the other. Apart from the monetary impact the termites cause, the emerging of thousands of winged termites inside someone’s home usually be an emotionally trying situation or experience; how much more if termites are silently feasting and causing one’s investment to get declined.
Termites’ infestations are often discovered most especially around the month of March to May of every year. This is because spring typically used to be the period in a year when large numbers of termites i.e. swarmers usually emerge inside the house; although it depends on the species as well. Also, termites are known to be social insects, which live in colonies as each of them is having a specific role. There are soldiers, workers, the reproductive ones as well as the queens.
As the colony reaches maturity, it may release winged female or male – or swarmers. Once they survive, the swarmer will definitely settle and shed their wings to form a new colony. Therefore, once you have gotten this knowledge you will definitely know whatTermite control (กำจัดปลวก)treatment method you can apply.