Get instagram followers for free service is not an only way to increase followers

It is very common among the instagram account owners throughout the world to keep their eye on the service to get instagram followers for free. They always look for some policy, service or some online supporting system that provides them real followers in order to boost the content of their account.
It may be bit disappointing while your post does not get much likes. And it normally happens when you have limited followers. Naturally all the instagram users try to attempt several ways to increase their followers. Apart from regular/convenient service or accessing free instagram followers policy, some unconventional ways can be used in order to increase the followers. In this writing some alternative options and unusual ways are being described in order to help instagram lovers.

You can post an image and request people to like it if they want to enter. It can be used as a contest where an image or video to be shared and to ask users to like it for entering in to the contest. You can also mention your instagram account on other social networking sites just to build up your new contact that helps you to increase the number your followers.
Research shows the prime time of instagram is between 2 pm to 5 pm, so instagram users get advantage by utilizing this time slot. These three hours are considered most effective time to get more likes.
Account owner must be aware of quality of photographs or videos. Keep in mind photographs or videos have to be clear and good, so that a glance people easily do get sense. Do not post vague or random shot. Go for some eye catchy and innovative shots that immediately grab viewers’ attention.
It is true that get instagram followers for free service is easy to increase the number of followers but if you would like to do by yourself, follow above tips.
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